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Dr. Shiva Rama Prasad Kethamakka, presently working as Professor and Head of Panchakarma (Postgraduate Dept) at ShriJagadguru Gavisiddeshwara Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Koppal. Formerly is in the service of Amma – Mata Amritanandamai devi, as Head of Kayachikitsa (General Medicine) in Amrita School of Ayurveda with past teaching experience of 12 years as Guide for Postgraduate studies. He is from Hyderabad, did his M.D. Kayachikitsa in Oct 1989 from Dr.BRKR Govt. Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad with the subjects of Kayachikitsa, Panchakarma, Manasa Roga, Rasayana and Vajikarana.

Publications /participation/ Rewards

  1. Executive Member, Ayurvedic Medical Graduates Association, Andhra Pradesh
  2. Member, Board of Studies, University of Calicut from 2007 to 2009
  3. Correspondent for AyurvedlinE, Bangalore
  4. Appraisal of Vamana – An endotoxin expulsion therapy – at National Seminar on Recent Advances in Kayachikitsa, 8-9th May 1999 at Institute of Postgraduate Ayurvedic Education & Research, Culcutta [view]
  5. Retrospective study and management of Trodot HIV Positive cases at Jamnagar, 2000
  7. Impotency – A birds eye view, published at Ayurmedline, Vol-2, January-June 2000 [view]
  8. Aetiopathology of Madhumeha, published at Ayurmedline, Vol-3, July-December 2000 [view]
  9. Participated in “Rare Ayurvedic manuscripts and application of research methodology for advancement of Ayurveda” – at IGNCA, Southren Regional Centre, Bangalore as “Yugayatri” on 24-25 November 2001.
  10. Organized – Panchakarma Re orientation course for 30 days from 11-9-2002 to 10-10-2002 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag
  11. Bhutagni in liver, published at Ayurmedline, January-June 2002 [view]
  12. Critical analysis of different topical analgesics in Amavata  (rheumatoid arthritis) – at World Ayurveda congress – 2002, Kochi, Kerala [view]
  13. Management of Mukatwa in Pakshaghat – A clinical study – at World Ayurveda congress – 2002, Kochi, Kerala [view]
  14. As chairperson at “National workshop on Teaching Methodology” held at AVS’s Ayurveda Mahavidyalaya PG cum Research centre, Bijapur, Karnataka on 19-20 July 2003.
  15. Participated at Punarnava –2003 a State level seminar on Scope of standardization of Medicinal Plants on 20th August 2003 at Belgaum, Karnataka
  16. Continuous medical education program on Vasti ardha Chikitsa organized and participated at DGM Ayurvedic medical college, Gadag, Karnataka on 4th August 2003.
  17. Organized – Mastishka  CME course for 2 days from 5-1-2005 to 6-1-2005 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag, Karnataka
  18. Guest lecture Delivered on Gender Specific diseases of Ayurveda W.S.R. to Male Erectile Dysfunction (Klaibya) (2005) at Rural Education Trust’s Ayurvedic Medical College, C/o Shri Jagadguru Gavisiddeshwar Sansthan Gavimath, Koppal – 583231 Distt. Raichur, Karnataka [view Klaibya]
  19. Organized – Chyavana (Rasayana & Vajikarana) State Level Seminar on 25-6-2005 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag, Karnataka [view vajisex]
  20. Guest Lecture delivered at Polytechnic / Engineering College, Gadag on the occasion of Atharva [view Unveiled Scientific Facts of Ayurveda]
  21. Guest Lecture at NKJ Ayurvedic Medical College, Bidar on 1-7-2006 [view Conceptual study of Mootravaha Mootravaha Srotas]
  22. Keynote address In “Beautake” A Symposia on cosmetology Dated 29-07-2005[view Beautake]
  23. Organized – Atharva – An International Seminar & AyurExpo from 1st December 2006 to 3rd December 2006 at DGM Ayurvedic Medical College, Gadag, Karnataka – [view Ay2day4Managing2morrow]
  24. Guest Lecture delivered at Polytechnic / Engineering College, Gadag on the occasion of Atharva [view Unveiled Scientific Facts of Ayurveda]
  25. Resource person for the VVS Sastri Memorial Lecture at Dr.BRKR Govt Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad, on 30th August 2007 [view Madhumeha Management]
  26. Resource person for the Kayachikitsa Re-orientation course of AYUSH at Illkal, Karnataka from 4-17th Jan 2008 [view Ay Pulmonology]
  27. Resource person for the Basic Principles State Level seminar of AYUSH at Dr.BRKR Govt Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad, on 23rd Feb 2008 – [view vaidya jyotisham]
  28. Resource person for the Kayachikitsa Re-orientation course of AYUSH at Dr.BRKR Govt Ayurvedic College, Hyderabad, on 7-8th March 2008, #1# Rasayana understood by Dr. KSR Prasad as – Retardation of Necrobiosis (the normal degeneration and death of living cells [as in various epithelial cells]); Retardation of Cytokinesis = Organic process consisting of the division of the cytoplasm of a cell following karyokinesis bringing about the separation into two daughter cells; Bio availability = Retardation of Bio-division by supply of abundant requisite nutrients for long term cell maintenance [view Rasayana] #2# Dr. KSR Prasad narrates, Vajikarana as it speaks of tracked sex act that yields prolonged conjugation and more semen; Sexology speaks of the physical conjugal fitness of female as Padmini etc to that of Sashaka etc of men; Vajikarana ultimate aim is perfect “Eugenics”; Sexology ultimate aim is perfect “Orgasm” [view Vajikarana]
  29. Resource person for the ROTP at Ayurvedic College, Kottakkal, Kerala on 28th May 2008 [view Validation of Vasti futurity]
  30. Guest Lecture at Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College, Davangere on August -2008 [view Clinical importance of Pittadhara Kala Pittadhara Kala]
  31. Guest lecture Delivered on Impregnable mind in somatic pathology (2008) at Kalidas Ayurvedic Medical College Banashankari, Road, Badami – 587201, Distt. Bagalkot, Karnataka [view Manasam]
  32. Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune organized Global Ayurved Conference & Herbal Expo on 9th to 11th January 2009. Issues related to Ayurveda education, lifestyle disorders, Ayurveda drug development and quality control, mass health and addiction and ageing are discussed at a three-day global Ayurveda conference. Panel speaker for the Global Ayurveda of Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune at on 9th to 11th January 2009, on  “Issues of Neuro ageing –Specific Ayurvedic Approach”
  33. Resource person for Panchakarma Shabdavali program sponsored by Central Government on 3-5 march 2009 at Amrita School of Ayurveda, Kerala
  34. Guest lecture at Dr BRKR Governamnet Ayurvedic college, Hyderabad on 6-6-9 on the topic Chikitsa Interpretation of Agni”
  35. Resource Person at Update on Ayurveda & Unani, Organised by Maharastra University of Health Sciences, Regional Centre, AUNDH, Pune on 14-15th November 2009 at Venue: Bal Gandharv Rangmandir, Pune - technoayurvea Dr.KSR Prasad’s Key note on “Application of Rasayana and Vajikarana in Clinical Practice” [download]
  36. Resource Person for Rasashastra ROTP at Nori Ramashastry Govt. Ayurveda College, Vijayawada between December 14, 2009 to December 19, 2009Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. The Series is – Excellence of Rasaaushadhi In Ayurveda Practice – Part-1 ::  Part-2 ::
  37. NATIONAL SEMINAR ON TRADITIONAL INDIAN DIETS AND HEALTH CARE – Jointly organized by – Institute of Scientific Research on Vedas & National Institute of Nutrition  – on 4th & 5th February, 2010 At NIN, Hyderabad, Andhara Pradesh – Dr.KSR Prasad lecture on Ayurveda Nutriceuticals in Genitourinary Tract disorders Or Dietary Preventive and Curative aspects of Genitourinary Tract disorders
  38. Guest lecture on Quest for Right Key in Astro-Medicine at National Seminar on Jyotirvaidyam at PSTU Auditorium, Hyderabad on 25-04-2010, Organized by Jyotirvastu Vignana Samsta, Hyderabad

Under my Guidance MD Ayurveda Dissertations

  1. A compilation work on Swasa (Asthma) – 1998-1999
  2. A compilation work on Amlapitta (Acid peptic disorders) – 1998-1999
  3. A compilation work on Pravahika (Irritable bowel syndrome vis a vis Amoebiasis) – 1998-1999
  4. A compilation work on gridhrasi (Lumbago sciatica syndrome) – 1998-1999
  5. A compilation work on Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis) – 1999-2000
  6. A compilation work on Hridroga (Heart Disease)- 1999-2000
  7. A compilation work on Switra kusta (Vitiligo)- 1999-2000
  8. A compilation work on Kamala (Jaundice)- 1999-2000
  9. A compilation work on aetiopathogenesis of Manasika Roga with special reference to Unmada – 2000-2001
  10. A compilation work on Parinama Shoola – 2000-2001
  11. A compilation work on Vatarakta- 2000-2001
  12. A compilation work on Vicharchika –2000-2001
  13. A compilation work on Apasmara –2000-2001
  14. The effect of Bhumyamalakyadi churna in Madhumeha  (with special reference to its hypoglycemic effect)- 1998-2000
  15. The efficacy of Pippalyadi Guggulu in Medoroga (with special reference to its Hypo lipidiemic effect)- 1998-2000
  16. Evaluation of the effect of Vachamamsyadi yoga in Raktapeedanadhikyata (Hypertension)- 1999-2001
  17. Evaluation of the effect of Gudanagaradi Vati in Pandu (Anaemia) – 1999-2001
  18. Evaluation of the effect of Ketakyadi Taila as kativasti in Katishoola (Lumbego) -1999-2001
  19. Evaluation of the efficacy of Dhatryadi Yoga (Internal) and Avalgujadi lepa (External) along with and without sodhana (Vamana) in Switra (With special reference to Vitiligo) – 1999-2001
  20. Evaluation of the efficacy of Erandadi Guggulu in Gridhrasi – 1999-2001
  21. Evaluation of the efficacy of Eladi Churna in Amlapitta (with special reference to Hyperchlorhydria) – 2001-2003
  22. To evaluate the efficacy of Patoladi compound and yoga in Kitibha Kusta (with special reference to Psoriasis) – 2002-03
  23. Evaluation of the efficacy of Amrutadiyoga in galaganda (Goiter) – 2004-2005
  24. Evaluation of the efficacy of ardhedashemaniya Swasaharavati in the management of Tamaka Swasa by Kalmath. Basayya. Lingayya
  25. Evaluation of the efficacy of Ojovardhini Yoga in Ojokshaya  (with special reference to HIV infection) – 2001-2002
  26. Evaluation of the effect of Vajigandhadi  Yoga in the management of Kshinasukra (Oligozoospermia) – 2001-2002
  27. Evaluation of the Efficacy of   Narashimha Yoga in Klaibya with special  reference to Erectile Dysfunction (E.D)- 2002-2003
  28. An evaluation of the efficacy of Phalatrikadiyoga in Kamala (Jaundice) – 2002-03
  29. Evaluation of the comparative efficacy of Ojokalpa Rasayana in Bhutabhishangaja Ojokshaya  (HIV infection) – 2003-04
  30. Evaluation of comparative efficacy of Alambushadi yoga and Dhanyamla Kayaseka in Amavata (Rheumatoid Arthritis) – 2003-04
  31. Evaluation of the efficacy of mashabaladi thailam in manyasthamba, with special reference to cervical Spondylitis
  32. Evaluation of the efficacy of “kakubhadi lehya” as hridya rasayana in “bhrama” (hypertension)
  33. Evaluation of efficacy of Aditya paka Guggulu in Asthigata Vata W.S.R. to osteoporosis
  34. Evaluation of efficacy of Dhanwantaram taila in the management of Ardita a comparative clinical study
  35. Evaluating the efficacy of Brihat Katphaladi yoga in comparison with Vyoshadi Gutika Nitya Shodhana in Tamaka Swasa
  36. Comparative study of Amrutha Guggulu and Patadi taila Pratimarsha Nasya in the management of Pratishyaya
  37. Management of Vedana with Rujaharavati W. S. R. to Stoola Sandhi – A Standard comparative study
  39. Evaluation of the efficacy of Akulyadi yoga in Madhumeha (Diabetes Mellitus)
  40. Evaluation of the effect of Bruhat Panchamuladi Yoga in Medoroga
  41. Evaluation of the efficacy of the Phaltrikadi Vati in Madhumeha
  42. Evaluation of efficacy of Varnya yoga in Vyanga W.S.R.  To Mealasma
  44. Evaluation of efficacy of Ajamodadi vati in Sandhivata W.S.R. to Osteoarthritis

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